Teco S.r.l. is able to perform all of these types of pipes processing: cutting, trimming, drilling, bending and widening according to the customer's specifications. We are present with our production in the automotive, textile and gardening market. The bending of the pipe is made with fixed radius and variable radius of shaped tubes, rods and profiles.

The expanding machine lets you enlarge or tighten the diameter of the pipe; this creates a bottleneck, which increases or decreases the diameter of the pipe that continues steadily. We perform expanding stainless steel pipes with various diameters by means of high-precision CNC machines.

The equipment for the working on pipes is composed of:
- Pipe bending machine up to Ø 60 mm
- Pipe expanding machine
- Automatic pipe - cutters
- Welding machine

Teco S.r.l. performs:
Processing on iron pipes Processing on aluminized or galvanized pipes Machining on aluminum tube Machining on AISI 304
- 1.4301 pipes Machining on AISI 409
- 1.4512 pipes


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